The documents attached as an Annex to this Report are essentially composed of documents from the investigation carried out by the military auditorat of Brussels, following the assassination in Kigali of ten Belgian soldiers who were members of the MINUAR on 07 April 1994. This enquiry has the advantage of having been carried out directly after the attack on the Falcon 50 aircraft of President Habyarimana and of having thus brought together first-hand elements of evidence. This evidence was then discussed and validated by the Belgian courts during the trial of Major Bernard Ntuyahaga, who appeared before the Assise Court of Brussels from 19 April to 13 July 2007 and which ended by recognising the guilt of Ntuyahaga, followed by sentencing to 20 years of imprisonment. These are thus documents which benefit from the authority of res judicata, and which, in this capacity, must be considered as evidentiary items which do not enter into the field of debate or challenge.

Other documents presented in these Annexes derive from the archives of the Rwandan state and notably deal with the air security of the FAR, which has represented their priority since September 1991, of the different commands of the ground-to-air missiles and the organisation of the Ministry of Defence at the moment of the assassination, which clearly show that the powers which Colonel Bagosora had granted himself between 04 and 07 April 1994 represented an abuse of power and the act of a coup d’état. These documents have been classified by different themes, according to the principal content which they reflect, but many among them, notably the witness statements, evoke a set of aspects touching on several themes with regard to the assassination attempt.

The chosen themes are as follows:

  1. Manifest desire by the FAR to kill President Habyarimana
  2. Rejection of the Arusha negotiations and accords
  3. Anti-Belgian propaganda and provocation of the MINUAR
  4. Mechanism and evolution of the attack
  5. Coup d’état attempted by Colonel Bagosora
  6. Blocking of the investigation into the assassination attempt
  7. Immediate accusations by France against the FPR
  8. Elements on the recovery of the black box by France
  9. Air security of the FAR and possession of ground to air missiles

The attached ZIP files contain the relevant PDFs